Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Way You Start Thinking On Quitting Cigarette Smoking

Tune Your Thoughts for Quitting Cigarette Smoking Permanently

The foremost thing that you will be requiring before you start Quitting Cigarette Smoking is your mere thought. You simply need to say to yourself that Yes, I need to give it a thought of quitting smoking. Or, simply say these things, like, yea I am ready to quit smoking cigarette but I don’t know how to do it, and I am willing to learn how to quit cigarette smoking. That’s it, that’s all you need to start prepare yourself for the job.

Once you have completed the above process what it means is that you have completed the process of setting your thoughts into the “Incipient Matter” of the Universe. What that means will require a whole lot of explanation, which is not into the scope of my work here. That’s another subject and may be I will write about that in my some other article. The reason this has been said here is that, it is indeed very important that you set your thoughts in proper and tuned action so that you can become success in your venture. Like to mention here that in order to complete this very first step it should not take much of your time, just several minutes would be enough.

Now that you have completed the very first step, let me just walk you through the next step in where I will be mostly talking about growing your Interest and Persistence.

The most important thing that you require in order to quit cigarette smoking permanently is your persistent interest to quitting smoking. To a smoker to grow this persistent interest for quitting smoking can be a hard job; that is quite understandable. But there are some techniques that will make things easier for you when you follow. One thing that is required for making this technique work for you is your daily investment of one and half hour of time. Out of this time you will be spending 15 minutes for Mental Exercises which is for your mental recreation time if you like. And during the rest of the time mostly you will be doing reading. Once you are ready to invest these kinds of time you will be completing the step: 2 of this process, because by doing this you will be increasing your persistent interest on quitting cigarette smoking permanently.

Next I will be talking about the complete process of Step No. 2 and possible I will be talking about Step No. 3. So make sure you join in regularly in my Blog and watch for the updates.