Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered How Valuably And Powerfully Your Mind Can Play In Order To Quit Cigarette Smoking Permanently

You will simply be blown away once you know exactly how powerful your mind is. You can actually become the master of yourself, you can control all your habits. Your mind can actually accommodate all the programs and softwares that so far has been produced and still can hold the creation of those things that will be created throughout the next 100 years or more.

So all you have to do now is to insert this program of quitting cigarette smoking permanently into your mind. And when you are interested to do that you have to simply follow some steps.

You see, you have learned throughout those years to smoke and now, once you said to yourself you want to quit smoking, all you have to do is to unlearn it. It's as simple as that.

When we were born we came to this world with just few softwares in our mind and as we grow up we keep on inserting programs in our mind. When we think a little more deeper and want to know about those programs and softwares and such that we inserted into our mind we will know that these programs are nothing but whole bunch of informations. So in other words our mind is simply filled with whole arenas of informations.

Here comes the most interesting part. Have you ever thought what this Habit of Smoking consists of? The habit of your cigarette smoking is simply a little piece of code that has been developed in your mind so deeply that you get afraid when you even thing of quitting. This little piece of code (and all the king's horses that comes along with 'em) has nothing to do with your brain. It simply resides in your mind. You see, you have to think here very discreetly. Your mind is one entity and your Brain another. Mind is our Software/Program and Brain is our Processor.

As I told here that the habit of smoking is simply a small piece of program that we ourselves developed in our mind and it has nothing to do with our brain or to our other physical parts. As we learned the habit, that is, as we developed this program/code we associated this program with some bodily attributions. As for example, one of these bodily attribution could be like: O, I definitely need cigarette after my dinner, or, something like, I need a cigarette when I am drinking my tea or coffee, blah, blah, blah.

Why do you think some people complains when they tries to quit smoking and say things like I do have such and such problems when I try to quit smoking.They face those problems because of their original program that they developed. Their program got developed in their deep sub-conscious mind. So when they tries to quit, the original program that is housed in their sub-conscious mind builds another program instantly which will reason for in order not to go for the quitting cigarette program or to abandon the venture. This newly built secondary program will bare the person not to quit. I just explained what happens in their case. I will explain these things in more details in my coming posts. Now let me just get back to where I was originally in explaining the Mind and Brain matter.
So, your mind is simply full of informations. On the other hand, your thoughts are also full of informations. And your brain simply manifests according to your thoughts. As I told you in my other earlier post spend just 15 minutes a day for thinking purposes. Once you build a habit of thinking of quitting cigarette smoking you are working on your informations bank and in turn you are working on your Mind. And that's the best way to Quit Cigarette Smoking Permanently or quitting any bad habits permanently. Next time I will talk about how our Mind works and what are the basic components of our wonderful and powerful Mind.