Thursday, December 10, 2009

Insert Tangible Information Into Your Belief System

When you are interested to quit cigarette smoking permanently and naturally, that is, without using any other substances, then you have to use your mind's processes in a very delicate way. Then your main tool in order to quit smoking is you mind. Then its completely become very vital how you tune your mind. During the days of your smoking you inserted into mind with all kinds of logics justifying your smoking needs and now all of a sudden you have started to abstain from inserting nicotines and hence the body will react to that situation. And as a result of which you will feel all sorts of sickness and illness and things like that.

And that is why in my previous post I talked about keeping at least one and a half hour the daily budget as for the time for your quitting cigarette smoking venture. During the first fifteen minutes you will be doing Feel Good Processes. During this Feel Good Processes you will be doing breathing exercises and things like that. Sometime in the future I will be writing about an article which will describe this Feel Good Processes. But you know this now that this will be basically about sending information to your belief system which will override all those logical informations that were built in your system throughout the time of your smoking days justifying the habit of your smoking.

And during the rest one hour period of time you will be doing your readings. The more tangible the reading materials are the better. Because when you insert tangible informations in your mind you are indeed in a position to perform remarkably and will indeed be able to successfully change your behavioral habits. You can also read my article regarding this matter at :

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